A collage of Indigenous children practising traditional cultural practices.

Our support for Indigenous children

We're excited to announce our new partnership with Kirrawe Indigenous Corporation.

While Best Foot Forward (BFF) provides an avenue for cultural awareness of Indigenous culture, another key driver has been helping Indigenous Australians further identify with their culture.

We were incredibly pleased to partner with the Gold Coast NFP, Kirrawe Indigenous Corporation. KIC is dedicated to “closing the gap” and works to rebuild the lives of sufferers of cyclical & intergenerational; trauma, child abuse and neglect, family violence, sexual abuse, unemployment, poverty, homeless and substance abuse.

They strongly believe that every Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child has the right to prosper, and needs cultural identity and connection to family, community and country to do so. A large and worthy endeavour of theirs is enabling these connections through workshops, boot- camps focusing on healthy minds, bodies and spirit, mentoring, and other cultural activities, including the “Kirrawe Kids” Program.  Kirrawe Kids, of whom BFF are proud to financially support, includes gardening sessions identifying native plants, workshops to create Clapsticks, Boomerangs and Artefacts, language and cultural support.

The purpose is providing community support to vulnerable families and enable their children to thrive.

The benefits? Widespread.

We were touched reading a story about a Grandmother who received the care of her 11 and 9 year old Grandsons from the state department, and was overwhelmed by their “extremely difficult behaviour”. They started attending Kirrawee Kids and had a safe support environment that provided continuity for the first time in their life, and allowed them to connect with artistic parts of their Aboriginal artist mother and their own culture.

Their grandmother was awed, as “[Her grandson’s] behaviour at school and home greatly improved” with the boys winning attendance awards (they had almost failed the previous year!) and they started seeing the potential they had to achieve. It exemplifies the idea “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Now, this village isn’t just the Kirrawe Kids community. It’s the team at BFF; and each and every person who shares this article, purchases an item, tells someone about our products, or strikes up a conversation about Indigenous culture.

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