Seven Indigenous children sit on a concrete floor, with their backs to the camera. They wear blur shirts that say 'Reading opens doors'.

We’re looking to grow our impact

We're proud to partner with the Indigenous Literacy Foundation to support our goal to close the literacy gap, and are excited to see what the future brings.

The relationship between BFF and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF) remains as strong as ever with no signs of slowing down.

Recently in a meeting between the ILF’s fund raising co-ordinator, Nigel Marsden, and our organisation’s coordinator, Dan Duskovic, the two spoke about potential opportunities to raise awareness and funds for our shared underlying cause.

The ILF has doubled in staff in the past year, helping Indigenous youth in rural communities grow their literacy skills upon entry into schooling life.

Nigel was adamant in the non-for-profit’s goal to remain community driven, by working extensively with the communities to create an experience that nurtures culture and education. The ILF aims to develop reading and writing skills at an early age to give children in remote Indigenous communities more of a head start as they enter schooling life.

Seeing as most children sponsored by the ILF see English as their second, third, or even forth language, 43% of all books provided by ILF are written in the native tongue of the Indigenous communities they are gifted to. Books like the Hungry Caterpillar are rewritten and converted into languages that can be understood when it comes to regular reading time between parent and child.

Apart from some well-known books, the creation process that goes into the majority of books the ILF produce is completely community led, meaning that the stories are told by the community, for their community.

The book packs that are delivered span a variety of different ages targeted towards each stage of a child’s learning, encouraging a participation in reading for all age groups.

Although the ILF is not a government supported business, Nigel is excited for the ongoing growth of the company and is prepared to facilitate the growth in the most sustainable way. He believes more people are beginning to realise the importance of Indigenous culture and understand why language is so important, stating that the ILF will continue to promote this message.

We at Best Foot Forward are excited to be a part of the mission and hope to be working more closely with Nigel and the ILF taking part in future endeavours.

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