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From each product purchased, we donate 20% to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. This goes towards funding books for Indigenous youth in rural Australia and supporting their mission to creating equal opportunities for all.

All of our products are designed by local Indigenous artists. We’re committed to supporting and sharing Australia’s unique history and culture. When you buy a product from us, you’re supporting local Indigenous artists.

Yes, we are a social enterprise! That means we are dedicated to maximising our social impact and improving the wellbeing of Indigenous youth. 

What sets us apart from a normal enterprise, is that we’ve embedded our social goals into our objectives, mission, and vision. Our priority is promoting and encouraging meaningful social change. We do this through a sustainable business model, that does not rely on philanthropy to sustain our mission, but rather creates opportunities for Australians across the world to have a meaningful impact in the lives of Indigenous youth and artists.

Ultimately, our goal is to create an equal world, with equal opportunities. Everyone has a right to education, and we’re working hard with our artists and the Indigenous Literacy Foundation every day to raise awareness and support closing the Indigenous literacy gap.

That’s why every time you buy a product from us, you’re not only buying a culturally unique piece of artwork – you’re purchasing a story, a book, and an opportunity for rural Indigenous youth to access life changing literacy resources.

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With each of our products featuring designs by local Indigenous artists, we think it’s only right that their artwork gets the treatment that it deserves.

All of our products are Australian-made and sustainably-made. We work with only the best, highest quality materials, so you can be sure that our clothing apparel is made to last.

We work with local Indigenous artists to craft meaningful artworks that showcase Australia’s diverse cultural history. Each of our products features one of these designs and has a unique story attached to it. 

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